Shutter Replacement Update 1

Dear Regency Residents,

Updates will be provided to all residents on a daily basis.

Saturday, I received an email from a unit owner stating that a cable was loose, hitting the building and rails. I notified Randy and had him disconnect the cable before any damage occurred. This cable was part of the rigging installed last week on the 06 stack.

Yesterday and today were spent in mandatory safety meetings, setting up parking arrangements, reviewing property policies & procedures, and noting several safety adjustments which need to be made on the rigging (swing stages). Randy, Walt, and I will be issued a safety training card authorizing us to work off of a stage.

Tomorrow the required adjustments to the rigging will be made and the safety lines will be installed. Rigging may begin on the 04 stack.

Balconies in the 06 and 05 stack are not to be used between 8:AM - 4:30PM. When rigging is being done, lines are dropped from the roof and we do not want anyone injured. In addition, no items are allowed on any 06 or 05 stacks.

You will receive another update tomorrow, and as always, please email or phone the office with any questions.



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