Shutter Replacement Update 3

Dear Regency Residents,

This is the daily update for Thursday, March 5th.

Safway (rigging company) has completed the rigging for two stages (06 & 05 stacks) on Building #1 & Building #2. As of this writing, Expert is waiting on the necessary safety inspection documentation, and sign offs for the rigging on each building. This information, is required prior to operating the stages.

Definitely, on Monday, March 9th, there will be full shutter removal operation on stacks 06 and 05 in each building. This means that all items must be removed from the balcony area.

Monday or Tuesday, the 04 stack will be notified to remove items from the east balcony and asked not to use the east balcony while work is going on in the 05 stack.

If you will be leaving for two to three weeks, please be certain all items are off of the east side balconies. If you are leaving through June, all furniture must be off of all balconies. You may phone the office for assistance.

We apologize for the delay, but rigging that will be supporting heavy weight must be installed safely and all required paperwork completed.



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