Shutter Update #12

03 units - all items must be removed from your ocean side balcony by Thursday afternoon.

Building #1:

06 stack

~~~shutter removal complete

~~~shutters placed - all floors

~~~JB painting complete

~~~inspected all areas on balconies from PH down to LN.

05 stack

~~~all shutters removed

~~~inspection of every balcony early tomorrow morning

~~~JB begins pressure washing after inspection

04 stack

~~~measured LN - PH complete

~~~shutter removal delayed until tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th

Building #2:

06 stack

~~~JB painting complete

~~~shutter removal complete

~~~JB stucco patching complete

~~~JB pressure washing complete

~~~inspection of every balcony scheduled for tomorrow

05 stack

~~~shutters removed LN through 1205

~~~PH will be removed tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th

~~~inspection of every balcony possibly tomorrow

04 stack

~~~measured LN - PH

~~~shutters removed on floors LN and 3

PVC has been placed into all 04, 05 and 06 slider tracks to remind guests, realtors, and even residents, not to use the east side balcony.

Walt is assigned to Building #1 and Randy is assigned to Building #2 to check areas for security, cleanliness, and safety daily, throughout the project.

If you notice anything which warrants attention after hours, please call Security ASAP.


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