Shutter Update #19

All items on the 03 balconies must be removed as work should begin on Monday, March 30th. When the 03 stack work begins, people in the 02 stack must stay off their balcony between 8:AM - 4:30PM and remove large items. Please phone the office for assistance.

Thursday, April 2nd, project work will end at 4:30PM and resume Monday, April 6th at 8:AM.

For safety reasons no one is permitted on east side balconies in the 06, 05, 04, 03 stacks during work days, 8:AM - 4:30PM.


Taken down: This means when shutter blades & tracks are no longer installed on your balcony.

Removed: This means when old shutters are taken off of your balcony.

NOTE: Old shutters will be removed from each balcony when new shutters are placed for installation.

Building #1:

06 stack

~~~PH6 shutters installation complete

~~~1206 shutters installation complete

~~~1106 shutter installation complete

~~~1006 installation partially done

~~~306 shutter installation complete

~~~LN shutter installation complete

~~~all new shutters have been placed on balcony areas

05 stack

~~~JB completed painting

~~~new shutters have been placed and old shutters removed LN - PH

04 stack

~~~04 shutter take down complete

~~~caulking inspection PH-7 inclusive

~~~caulking inspection 6 - LN Monday morning

Building #2:

06 stack

~~~PH6 installation mostly complete except for caulking upper tracks

~~~1206 installation 90% complete

~~~306 shutter installation complete except for caulking upper tracks

~~~LN shutter installation complete

~~~new shutters are placed and old shutters removed from all balconies

05 stack

~~~all shutters taken down

~~~caulking complete & inspected

~~~JB pressure washed

~~~JB stucco work complete

~~~JB painting complete except for painting small caulked areas

04 stack

~~~shutter take down complete

~~~804 two pieces of tile missing under shutter track

~~~caulking inspection complete

PVC has been placed into all 04, 05 and 06 slider tracks to remind guests, realtors, and even residents, not to use the east side balcony.

NOTE CHANGE: Walt is assigned to Building #1 and Dave is assigned to Building #2 to check areas for security, cleanliness, and safety daily, throughout the project.

If you notice anything which warrants attention after hours, please call Security ASAP.

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