Hurricane Irma Update #1

Dear Regency Residents,

Myself and all the Regency staff are actively executing our hurricane preparedness procedures starting at 8AM this morning, as well as closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Irma. A few pieces of information I’d like to share with you at this point.

  • The car park awnings will be removed tomorrow. (If you are in residence, please make sure your car is removed from under the awnings by 8 AM)

  • All outdoor areas and interior common areas are in the process of being secured

  • The hurricane hotline will be your best source of information (866-973-4362) if the storm hits and it will be updated frequently as new information is available. We would greatly appreciate if you would contact this number, rather than calling the office, to enable the staff to stay focused on hurricane recovery.

How you can help.

  • If you have someone you pay to periodically check on your condo, please ask them to come by no later than Thursday at Noon to ensure all outdoor furniture has been moved indoors, all perishables are removed from your refrigerator/freezer, and that all of your shutters are tightly secured. Having your condo checker perform these steps will enable the Regency staff to stay focused on their hurricane preparedness duties.

  • If you are in residence, please start preparing for the potential of a mandatory evacuation.

  • If you need help preparing/securing your unit, please let the office know ASAP, so that we have time to handle all requests.

I will continue to keep you updated via this website and with One Call Now messages throughout the storm.


Jaqueline Thomas, LCAM

Regency Property Manager

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