How to get your Comcast X1 equipment installed

Bob Myers asked me to remind all residents that the following action must be taken to have Comcast install the upgraded X1 equipment in each condo. Since you will have several decisions to make regrading whether or not you choose to connect to the new Home Run wire (located in your AC closet) as well as where you want the various pieces of equipment installed, the Comcast Committee members recommend that you only contact Comcast to schedule the installation when you are in residence, and can be there when the installer arrives.

Once you are in residence, please call the Comcast Bulk Service department (877-834-6757) to request that your upgraded X1 service and wireless internet be installed. Please remind the Comcast person that you speak with that Regency Island Dunes is flagged in their dispatch system to have only Comcast EMPLOYEE installers assigned to your installation (not a Comcast CONTRACTOR installer).

The office has a one-page set of procedures that details what will happen when your Comcast installer arrives at RID. These procedures also have a complete list of the equipment and services you are entitled to thru the RID/Comcast Bulk Service agreement. You can also find a copy of this information on under the Comcast info page.

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