March 20, 2020 Golf News Update

The following events have been canceled due to the coronavirus:

- Ladies board meeting that was scheduled for March 30.

- Awards presentation that was scheduled for April 5.

- Fun Scramble (Superintendent’s Revenge) that was scheduled for April 6.

- Ladies Closing “Gone with the Wind” that was scheduled for April 8.

Regular golf days are the same.

We have taken precautions to keep you safe.

Tournament results will be posted the following morning.

All rakes and ball washers have been removed from the course.

We encourage one person driving the cart while the other person walks. Do not remove the Pins.

All putts that are within a putter length (36 inches),will be considered good. Add one stroke and pick up your ball.

Save your scorecards and scores.

We do not want people using the handicap computer.

We will post your scores when it is safe to do so.

Please follow the CDC guidelines regarding the 6 feet of separation.

We are still accepting orchid donations.

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