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2004 Hurricane Jeanne

2004 - Hurricane Jeanne was a Category 3 hurricane that struck the Caribbean and the Eastern United States in September 2004. It was the deadliest hurricane in the Atlantic basin since Mitch in 1998. It was the tenth named  storm, the seventh hurricane, and the fifth major hurricane of the season, as well as the third hurricane and fourth named storm of the season to make landfall in Florida. After wreaking havoc on Hispaniola, Jeanne struggled to reorganize, eventually strengthening and performing a complete loop over the open Atlantic. It headed westwards, strengthening into a Category 3 hurricane and passing over the islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama in the Bahamas on September 25. Jeanne made landfall later in the day in Florida just two miles (three kilometers) from where Hurricane Frances had struck a mere three weeks earlier.

Fun Facts:

In 2004 Jensen Beach was hit by two hurricanes. On September 5, 2004, Hurricane Frances made landfall at Hutchinson Island with winds of 105 mph. On September 25, 2004, Hurricane Jeanne made landfall on Hutchinson Hutchinson Island with winds of 120 mph.

2017-Hurricane Irma

2017 - Irma eventually made landfall in the Florida Keys around 9 a.m. on Sept. 10. It slammed Cudjoe Key as a Category 4 storm then weakened to Category 3 strength. Hurricane Irma made a final landfall near Marco Island, Florida the afternoon just a few hours later.

Hurrican Ian Sept. 28 2022 

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The extent of Hurricane Ian’s destruction became clearer on Thursday as people across southwestern Florida, left without electricity, drinking water or inhabitable homes, began to assess the damage and gird for what Gov. Ron DeSantis said would be a yearslong recovery.

The scale of the wreckage was staggering, even to Florida residents who had survived and rebuilt after other powerful hurricanes. The storm pulverized roads, toppled trees, gutted downtown storefronts and set cars afloat, leaving a soggy scar of ruined homes and businesses from the coastal cities of Naples and Fort Myers to inland communities around Orlando.

Hurrican Ian Sept. 28 2022 Path.jpg
Hurrican Ian Party B2 Great Room Sept. 28 .jpg

Hurrican Ian
Sept 28, 2022 Path

Hurrican Ian Party B2 Great Room Sept. 28 2022

Hurricane Ian Party #2

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